Packing Up

Wow, well, we have 3 more days until we get on a plane with 6 checked bags/Costco boxes, and 1 irregular sized box that contains our beloved mason jar rack and long board. Our time is coming to an end.

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It Has to be Both

As I reflect on the past 6 month of this year, I find that––when I choose to be honest with myself––I have not felt close to God. There are certain “disciplines” or “rhythms” or whatever you want to call it, that I implement in most of my days that include things like reading the Bible,…

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Today I feel Old

As I look in the mirror and see my face looking back at me, I feel old for the first time in my life. Apologies to our incredible supporters who’ve empowered us to be here in Costa Rica; we are a little behind on our normal schedule of sending out updates. Our delay is mostly…

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Lines and Isolation

Hey there people of earth, The sun rises yet again during this wild season. In case you didn’t hear, the decision was made to pull all of our Gap Year programs (9 months long) and “11in11” programs (11 months long) off of the field.

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Family Time and Host Retreat

Hello All! The first month of 2020 is wrapped up, and we are into February readying ourselves for more teams. As we mentioned in our previous end of the year update, my (Kevin’s) parents came down to Costa Rica for Christmas! We enjoyed the beach for a bit, did some hiking in Monteverde, and had a warm…

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The Skate Competition

After many months of planning, collaborating, translating, and praying, the skateboard competition has come and gone, and it was an incredible success! It was a feat of team work, and being interdependent upon one another.

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Moving Out

Things are getting real. With a little over two weeks left until we fly out of Seattle–our departure date is October 4th–reality is setting in a day at a time, selling a piece of furniture at a time.

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Journey to España

It seems that transition is upon us once again. After a year of soul searching and prayer, Anna and I have decided to uproot from Seattle and head to Spain to attend a discipleship school called G42!

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