Leaving in ONE Week

Hello there friends and family!

The time is almost here for us to depart again! We are excited and nervous to step out of our comfort zones. Sometimes we feel pretty crazy, and can’t help but wonder to ourselves, “are we doing the right thing.”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Johnson family, minus Dad. Oops, none of the babes were looking–except Anna

It’s in moments like these that’s its important to remember the words people have encouraged us with, and to keep going. We feel like God has brought us to this place as we have continued to say “yes,” and so here we are, a week out from leaving!

We have received $1,230 of our $3,370 goal for our vision trip. Thank you faithful supporters for being a part of our journey.

I recently received a message from a person that I do not know, writing about how everyone who went to G42 is a bunch of privileged hypocrites begging for money. While I was mostly able to let this wash off of me, it nonetheless did strike some of my insecurities.

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Hangin’ out with the nanny fam at Uwajimaya (Asian supermarket) in Seattle. It was a little chilly

We are incredibly privileged to do what we do. I have come from a wonderful family and support system that is behind me, and I have it good. My hope is that when we fundraise, people will see through the lens of, “this is an invitation to join us on our journey.” A journey of entering other people’s lives, and loving self sacrificially.

We are humbled as we ask people to give, and we take nothing for granted.

Thank you everyone who has invested in us with their time and resources. Thank you for sticking with us through the change of life plans as we learn to pivot, be obedient, and embrace hardships when we fail or things don’t go the way we want them to.

If you would like to donate to what we’re doing, and who we’re becoming, click this link or check out our donate tab above that Anna recently created.



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Getting some hikes in before the smoke hit

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