We are home! Wherever that really is anymore.

After being in Europe and South East Asia for almost 9 1/2 months, we are back in the Seattle area.

What an amazing 9 1/2 months it was. The most simple and basic way I can sum up our time in Spain is to contrast it with the World Race (the 11 month 11 country mission trip Anna and I met on in 2013/2014). For me, the Race was the awakening to something more—I was set on fire to live a life of purpose and connection with God and people. G42 was the depth. I experienced a lot of deconstruction of religion, and laid some new foundations.

So what now?

For the next month or so we’ll be in Washington connecting with friends and family. After this, we plan on heading to Colorado, then Michigan to do the same (still no specific dates picked…).


At G42 graduation


A really practical takeaway I got from G42 was a reminder to set up assets to create a passive income (a good tip for everyone). My spirit started to come alive as I talked to missionaries and guest speakers at G42 who had made good investments when they were younger, or wished that they had.

One teacher I especially looked up to said, “as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had an increase of vision, and not enough provision, (to make the vision come to life).”

Anna and I are taking steps towards buying a house to rent out. The tricky thing is getting a loan with no current income. I am determined to get creative with a lender to be able to get a mortgage.

We have open hands in this scenario, as we are in the early stages of asking questions and collecting information about this vision to buy (if you have any experience, resources, or ideas with a scenario like this please reach out!). We want to do this to be responsible and generate some of our own income alongside people’s generous donations.

The other thing we have lined up is taking a short trip in January to Central America with Adventures In Missions (the organization that runs the World Race). The purpose of this trip is to visit a couple of AIM bases to see if we’d be a good fit at any of them. Landing at one of these bases for a couple of years could give us experience of operating in a team setting long term. We hope to start fundraising for this soon, and release more information on the “why” behind Central America.

Thank you for investing in our lives. I’m not exactly sure how these next 6 months are going to unravel. I’m certainly nervous and insecure—especially coming out and publicly declaring “this is the direction we’re heading”—but this is our plan. We are embracing the mystery we’re walking into.