Hey friends,

We have adjusted to living in Mae Sot a bit after being here for two weeks now. 

We are working with an organization called Outpour, and we’ve had some great conversations with leadership on how we can contribute to what they already have in motion.

There are a number of ways that they have asked us to be involved, but one specific idea I want to highlight is the project of building a weld table. 

Outpour is wanting to get more involved with welding and building furniture. They have a stick welder (MIG is almost non existent here) and the space to make it happen, they are just lacking a table to build on, and some other helpful tools. 

The work space

We’ve discussed how the hope for the future is to teach Thais and Burmese how to build furniture that could then be sold. Outpour is expanding their outreach to equip young men and women that have been displaced from Myanmar, and this fits into their vision. 

Our current work table

I am writing to ask for help to fund this vision. I have drawn up a simple plan of what I want to build, and I have priced the material. Here are the rough estimates I have come up with for what I want to get:

  • 6’-0” x 3’-6” x 3/8″ thick plate ($150)
  • 40′-0″ of Tube Steel, 2”x2” & 3”x3” ($40)
  • A Vice ($65)
  • Plate for gussets ($21)
  • Casters ($32)
  • Angle Iron ($20)
  • All thread + rod coupling ($15)
  • 10’ of flat bar (not sure yet)
  • Quality tools, consumables, PPE (combo square, 2’ square, grinding disks, level, clamps, weld rod, gloves, etc.) (around $200)

I want to raise $600, and if we get more than 600 then I’ll build more! All of the donations received will go towards Outpour. 

FullSizeRender (5)
The rough plan

I am using my PayPal account to receive donations @ kevinjohnson109314@gmail.com. If you do not have a PayPal account and don’t want one, you can email me and I can send you a money request. I will be posting frequently on our blog with updates on how it’s going as we build. 

You’ve read and heard the news about everything that’s happened in Myanmar with the ethnic cleansing and people being displaced. When I hear about such terrible things, I ask myself, “is there even anything practical I can do to help the people caught up in these horrific situations?” This is a way you can make a difference. Outpour is impacting the community by investing in the youth of Myanmar. Many want to go back to their country when they are older and bring the skills that they’ve learned so that they may be self sufficient and help others. 

Thanks for reading!


(For more on Outpour, you can visit http://outpourmovement.com)