The nomad life does strange things to you. I catch myself laughing at how bizarre I am. I daydream of a spot to consistently put my toothbrush. I get excited at the thought of my own dresser and I romanticize the idea of purchasing something fragile that won’t have to take a beating in a backpack when it’s catapolted onto an airplane.


“I don’t need to read your story, I only clicked on this blog to donate to your Vision Trip” 


Ok, we know this is extreme and dramatic. For copyrights sake, you can find the real source of this picture here


As most of you know, Kevin and I have been on the move for about a year. This came with huge benefits in which far outweighed the bad, such as getting the chance to go to an incredible school in Spain, helping refugees in Thailand and being loved and supported by amazing people from afar such as you. We are by no means disappointed by this decision we’ve made.

But today’s fantasy? Buying a bottle of olive oil and actually reaching the bottom of it. Praise.

It’s always the simple things of life.

And when you’ve got a home and have a consistent job you dream of traveling. I get it and I’ve been there.

The point is, we’re really hoping to put some solid roots down and we are taking steps to make it happen. 

Putting solid roots down would allow us time and space to think about having a family. We’re hoping this picture has nothing to do with Kevin’s parenting or ministry skills.

Coming September Kevin and I are traveling to Central America to check out some long-term bases through Adventures in Missions. We get the immense privilege of touring bases to hopefully pick out a home, ministry, and country to live in for 2+ years.

Why Adventures in Missions (AIM)?

AIM is an amazing organization that Kevin and I know and understand well. We met through their program called The World Race, and our school program we just finished at G42 Leadership Academy has the same founders. Both organizations are working to move toward one another with a stronger partnership. A cut-from-the-same-cloth type of deal.


Why Central America?

Kevin and I have long dreamed of helping overseas and are still passionate about it, yet the older we get, we realize the more we miss. Our families change — people are born and some people we are close to leave us. None of this stops whether we are here or “there,” but the idea of being closer sounds really nice. Central America isn’t a concrete idea, but we are pressing forward in hopes that it will be.

We will travel to Guatemala for 2 weeks and Costa Rica for 2.5 weeks as part of an AIM Vision Trip. The Vision Trip is for us to be able to get to know each base, it’s people, and to see if we would be a good fit with the ministry.


Antigua, Guatemala

Both bases are through AIM but are very different. We will share all that we currently know about the bases, but most of our understanding will come from the Vision Trip.
Guatemala has a well established team. We’ve heard from all over that they have an incredible, well functioning team and ministry. People also express the love of Antigua, the Spanish city we would live near. If we joined this base we would work alongside a previously formed vision. We will have a better understanding of what that vision is once we arrive.

Again, not my picture, but you can see where we’d be just outside of San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a base we would be helping pioneer as it is one of AIM’s newest bases. We know there are people currently at the base and more to come. This would be more of a “stepping into the unknown” option, but an exciting one as we would have the opportunity to help create the vision just outside of San José.

Overall, we are excited to visit both and really hope we fit well with at least one of them.

As we move towards long term missions, we are met with fundraising. If you’d like to help us start the search for a new home on the mission field, here’s how:


The Vision Trip totals $3,370. This covers flights, food and transport, travel insurance, and admin fees.  All Donations are Tax Deductible.

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THANK YOU for investing in us and for praying for us over the last year!
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Anna (& Kevin)