It seems that transition is upon us once again. After a year of soul searching and prayer, Anna and I have decided to uproot from Seattle and head to Spain to attend a discipleship school called G42! At this time we are both—maybe equally—excited and sad.

If you’ve followed our story at all, you know that I, Kevin, have been in the midst of a pipefitting apprenticeship. Being in this program and a part of the union has been a huge blessing. But the past two years I’ve been battling pain in both of my wrists from pulling wrenches and putting my body in odd positions ergonomically.


I had surgery on my right wrist to remove a cyst to see if that would help at all, but the pain continues to be present in both wrists. I have been out of work and on disability for over two months now.

This injury has definitely been a catalyst in Anna’s and my decision to step away from the apprenticeship. There have been many moments of tears as I fought the idea of “giving up” on my commitment to the apprenticeship. But both the Holy Spirit and Anna have been sweetly and tenderly helping me release my white knuckled grip on finishing pipefitting.

I can’t express the range of emotions I’ve felt in this time… I’ve struggled with feeling like a failure, and not feeling like a man as I looked around at my peers who continue to press on as they perfect their skills in the trade. I’ve had many moments of, “I am too young to be having wrist problems! What is wrong with me?!”

I don’t know why I entered into this commitment to not even finish it—but I’ve fought tooth and nail to stay in this game, and it seems that my heavenly Dad is saying it’s time to let go.

Sheesh, that was difficult to write those last couple of paragraphs.


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Even though it seems like Anna got the message from God a while back before me, she’s been very graceful with me as I processed the same thoughts night after night.

But I don’t have a ton of space left, so onto talking about future—the reason why we are reaching out to you! G42 is a small discipleship school we learned about through the World Race that is focused on equipping women and men to be sent out to the nations to start new churches, businesses, ministries, and or connect us to people who already are doing “our dream.” They put a premium on living in community with the other interns and the various teachers from around the globe that stay with us.

We believe that by attending this school, it will be a great help in moving us towards being long-term missionaries. Anna and I have specific hopes and dreams for ministry, and G42 does a really good job at referring us to people who are already living out what we’d like to do.

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The school is 9 months long. 3 months in Mijas, Spain, 3 months abroad, doing hands on work, and then 3 months back in Mijas taking time to talk about what went well, and what didn’t go well. The cost is around $20,000 for the two of us to go.

We are asking that you would prayerfully consider supporting us as we step out in faith believing that this is the way for us to walk. Going forward preparing for the future, we are looking for monthly donors to support us. But you can also make a one-time donation! If now is not a good time to give, we ask that you would pray for us in this time—because this is a big transition for the both of us

We have included slips if you would like to give with a check. If you would like to give a tax-deductible one-time or recurring donation, you can do so online at

If you would like to help with the costs to get us “off the ground,”—flights and preparation costs—you can do so at

Thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us financially. We are very blessed to be living our lives!


Kevin and Anna Johnson