Things are getting real. With a little over two weeks left until we fly out of Seattle–our departure date is October 4th–reality is setting in a day at a time, selling a piece of furniture at a time.

So far the response has been pretty good with our decision to step away from our lives in Seattle. In our official G42 account we have around $4,400–needing around $20,000 total–and we know of at least $6,000 in checks waiting to be deposited (checks are taking a long time to process, sorry if you’ve donated in this way and are waiting for a response from us, we haven’t seen it yet!).

Some of our biggest fears with deciding to head to Spain, was telling our work about our impending leave. But both of our employers responded very positively understanding our situation. In fact, my–Kevin’s–union responded better than I could’ve even expected. Instead of banishing me from the local altogether, they offered me personal suspension in hopes of having me back one day!

I don’t know if we’ll find ourselves back in Seattle or not, only God knows that, but it was incredible to exit on such good terms. I had to listen to “Great is Thy Faithfulness” after hearing the news on that one.

Anna headed to Bierstadt in the wee hours

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to move out and connect with friends one last time. Specifically, pray that Anna and I continue to believe the best in one another, and that we stay unified. It can can be easy to get off track in a big transition like this.

If you’d like to donate, we have a new website!:


Kevin and Anna