I’m in Honduras! No… we didn’t have a change of plans, we are still moving to Costa Rica in January 😁

I am so incredibly blessed, or lucky, or fortunate, or whatever adjective you want to use. I am here in Honduras for a week with one of my mentors from Costa Rica that I will be working with in the near future. He and his wife have a platform for business as a ministry. They go into small communities they’ve built relationships with and ask them what the needs are in the area, and what their dreams are. 

1 on 1s reviewing budget records

My mentor encourages, empowers, and imparts to these communities on how to meet the needs they’ve reported through business and entrepreneurship. 

Our time has mostly been filled with follow ups with those who have started a business. I get to hear from families who have been on their entrepreneurial journey for a year or so already. 

We ask questions like are they budgeting yet, what’s their most profitable product, for every Lempira (Honduran money) of product they sell what percentage do they make back?

At the community business fair meeting business owners

Whether their experiences have included a lot of success, or mostly failure, they all report that it has been tough and hard work; many report instances where they’ve been taken advantage of, sometimes stolen from. 

They are thankful for the critiquing and information, but it’s not until we start encouraging them from our spirits do we see hearts moved. 

There was one family that spoke of their business being stolen from while they were away for a week, and I could feel Holy Spirit welling up inside of me. 

Lovin’ on a bunny

I spoke over them that their hardships fit into their story, that they belonged in the process—but that it also wasn’t God’s will for them to be stolen from. The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy, but when he does, God uses the painful situations and redeems them for something beautiful. He saw their pain and frustration, and He was near to them. 

It didn’t take long until tears started flowing. There have been numerous other instances like this while we’ve been here. People are dying for encouragement. Not just a “you can do it,” but a channel of living water as you open up your mouth on Heaven’s behalf. 

When you sense someone is hurting, or discouraged, or down, take a moment to ask God, “what are you speaking over this person?” And if you even just get one word or sentence, just open your mouth and let it rip. Speak life. Even if it’s awkward or weird, it’s so worth it. You never know what kind of a positive impact it will make on them. 

My mentor tells me how important it is to check up on them and make sure they’re doing things in a profitable way, but the thing that helps them keep fighting is the words of encouragement, not the information. 

People don’t usually need information, they need impartation. 

So, needless to say, it’s been a wonderful time of seeing God be alive in people’s lives as they say “yes” to Him and keep going. 

In other news:

Anna is in Costa Rica right now ironing out some logistical things as I am here. Things are coming along really well with fundraising. We officially started 3 weeks ago, and we have about 50% of our monthly fundraising finished! Thank you for investing in us! We are so privileged to do what we do. Thank you for being a part of our stories that we’re living.