And just like that, we are in Costa Rica! It is so great to finally be here. And yet, to say “finally” feels like a misrepresentation of our situation. We’ve been expecting to be here for some time now, but wow we are already here! After starting fundraising around mid November, enough came in to get us launched on January 16th! What an incredible turnaround. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are moved into our house, and have officially unpacked our 4 checked bags, 2 carry ons–that we ended up checking at the gate due to crowded flights–and 2 “personal item” backpacks. Annnd, a lot of things broke. Lesson learned, we should’ve just suffered through the flight with our carry ons. We lost many of our glasses, some of Anna’s favorite ceramics we got from our wedding, and maybe worst of all, our beloved Vitamix (our first born)–that we wrapped so carefully and intently–had the “pulse” toggle switch ripped off. Luckily, we don’t ever recall using that function, so we seem to be ok. Things broke in almost all of our bags.

We had to have a little mourning session once we arrived, but after that we’ve just been hit with thankfulness for how everything has been unfolding for us. We are so privileged to be here, and be sent by YOU.

Lay down and then lie there

On the first day here our base coach took us mattress shopping at Walmart. We bought the second one we laid on! It was a great shopping trip–so fast. It went from on the sidewalk to in our bedroom in about 45 minutes (and yes, we still like the mattress).

Nothing screams Costa Rica like a fresh bed from the ol’ Walmart

The people we are renting from left two couches in the house, so we got that covered for now, but need to get a table to eat at. We don’t have a car, and aren’t quite sure how we’re going to get one yet, but we are a 20 minute walk to the base, so for now we are enjoying the fresh air.

Our wonderful co-leader Gabi–a Costa Rican–took us around ALL DAY helping us with opening a bank account, starting phone plans, and many many other errands. She is an angel. We spent 2 hours in the bank starting the process to open an account, and we couldn’t have done it without her. I don’t know how she can run around so much.

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Ready to go!
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Ok lets wait

We are comparing language school options, and taking things a day at a time. We are creating new rhythms! We are so excited about it. After being transient for almost a year and a half, it is really nice to be in one place.

We are happy, and we’re pinching ourselves; is this real? We are enjoying living in the moment.


Though we have met our financial goal for the year with one time donations + monthly donations, we are still needing to raise an additional $400 per month for AIM to meet our monthly goal. What this does is secure us for the ensuing years (as much as we can be “secure”). We would be so honored to have you on our team!