For those of you who didn’t get our last Mailchimp email and social media update––if you didn’t, please let us know––we are moving to Costa Rica!

This last month has been full of interviewing, debriefing with AIM, friends, family, and preparing ourselves for the move in January.

Some of the highlights of being back in the Midwest include:

Picking Apples for pies n’ stuff
Seeing Kevtron Media and eating Marie Catrib’s
Seeing Emily and eating her very good food
Hangin’ with the Dernells + Mom Johnson in Louisville
Helping fix Uncle Eoin’s 2″ leaky steam piping (makes me wanna do a Star Wars rap––”Uncle Eoin, I know I’m on probation, I cleaned the droids, can I go to the Tosche Station?”)
Letting the nieces “help” Anna blow dry her hair
And seeing the U.S. Capitol, or err, the Michigan State Capitol

We are now starting to build out our team as we look for people to partner with us in sending us to Costa Rica! We would love to talk to you in person––or over the phone if we’re far away––and share with you our new vision and monthly financial goals. If you would like to connect, simply reply to this email.

Thank you everyone for your support over the years. Your giving has made eternal impacts on people’s lives––especially ours! And not just an eternity that takes place later, but a real alive NOW eternity as people encounter the love of God.


(For an experience you’ll regret: Star Wars rap click here)