We’ve been living here over a month,

What Have We Been Up To?

“What have we been up to?”

As I sit here and type I question, “Why does such a simple question seem so difficult to answer?” My instant answer is, “Everything!” Yet I’m not exactly sure how to explain what “everything,” is.

Maybe it’s being a bit culture-shocked and overwhelmed.

Maybe it’s diving head first into a new Adventures in Missions Base, a brand new program with lots of learning curves.

Maybe it’s not understanding the main language here.

Maybe we really are very busy.

Kevin and I were interviewed and filmed by a few Gap Year Racers as they are documenting the story of the beginning of Adventures Costa Rica. Stay Tuned!

I couldn’t tell you, but I do feel like the fog is just starting to lift and we’re feeling like we are actually doing some good, hard work.

We’re connecting with ministry hosts, our team, and the Racers visiting the Base. We’ve been grocery shopping for the squad (almost 50 people) multiple times, we’ve failed at creating a bank account (apparently you need some serious documents from the U.S. proving you’re not a part of the drug cartel), scouted out new ministries to join, etc.

We’ve made a lot of progress.

Something we’re excited about.

We want to start showcasing ministries we are working with (in no particular order). This is the first of many, and a location/host we connect our visiting teams to.

These hosts are heroes of surrounding communities that have been doing amazing things long before we showed up. We connect them with manpower, encouragement and help in whatever way we can.


Human Development Center of the Arts

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Previously known as an impoverished trash dump, Tirrases is a community in San José (walking distance from our home) known for working its way back to health.

16 years ago the trash dump in Tirrases was voted to be covered and turned into a park of grassy hills. La Cometa took a risk to develop a Human Development Center of the Arts that strives to empower locals and change communities for the better.

In a gang ridden neighborhood, La Cometa empowers the community of Tirasses to use its infrastructure to have language, art, cooking, music and exercise classes in a safe, welcoming environment.

La Cometa partners with a local renovated sports gym, soccer field, skate park and outdoor amphitheater as the community takes action to decrease the abundance of gangs and encourage healthy community activity and development.

We send our teams here to teach English and other classes. Often we will have teams go out into the community to encourage Costa Ricans (and Nicaraguan refugees) to come to La Cometa and use the space, take classes, etc.

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Thank you for caring about our stories, for being our encouragers and helping us get to where were are. We couldn’t do it without you!

We know that you all are for us! I, Anna, have recovered from my last migraine (i.e. I am no longer bed ridden and puking my brains out). Please keep praying for me that theses migraines are going away for good.