In my last blog I finished with Numbers 33, a list of all of the stops the Israelites made from slavery to the promised land.

They named every one of the stops based off of their geography, circumstances, or emotions. They lived in places like rejection, lust, and bitterness. They lived emotionally and circumstantially.

After 40 years, the former generation of Israelites all die in the wilderness disinherited (except Joshua and Caleb). They died children of God, but never got their inheritance—because they lived circumstantially and emotionally. They never stepped into being responsible for their own spirits. They didn’t want to work, and didn’t want to fight. Everything was given to them in their wandering, and didn’t own anything themselves.

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It’s at their 41st stop that something really cool happens as the Israelites prepare to enter the promised land. On the banks of the Jordan, overlooking Jericho, they get ready to make the 42nd move into their inheritance.

Around this time, Joshua is approached by a man, the captain of the Lord’s army (Joshua 5:13-15). Upon discovering the identity of this man, Joshua falls down and worships him, and the man receives the praise.

This was some form of the Christ Joshua was worshiping. Angels never received praise when man would worship them—only God would receive praise (Rev. 22:8-9). 

Joshua meets the Christ at the 42nd stop. Joshua is another name for Jesus, and it’s here we can catch the symbolism of Jesus becoming Christ. This Christophany tells Joshua to take his shoes off—which is a beautiful picture of something bigger going on as well.

Taking one’s sandals off in those days was done as an outward display of agreeing to a transaction of sorts, like real estate. The seller would take his sandals off and give them to the buyer to demonstrate that the seller had given up all rights to the property.

Joshua transferred his rights to the Christ. Joshua surrenders any ownership of himself and sells out for Christ as he steps into his inheritance. Essentially this God man says “I came for you, I want you, give me your sandals. Give me you, and I’ll give you this land.”

It is after this interaction that the Israelites leave behind 40 years of misery of living emotionally and circumstantially, and then step into their inheritance. They a

ssume responsibility to self govern themselves. They step out of getting spoon fed by God everyday, and take ownership for their own lives and for the vision cast before them…

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People!!! This isn’t just some interesting story. This story is about us. We have the opportunity to step into our true identity as Christ people. We can receive our spiritual inheritance, but we can only do so if we get healed of past wounds and leave the stations of death in the wilderness—like the Israelites had to. 

Forgive the people who’ve hurt you, and leave bitterness or shame behind. Mourn the pain loved ones have inflicted on you, then forgive them and move out of that wilderness station of hatred.

You already have been given everything you need for a godly life (2 Peter 1:3)! Stop saying please, and say thank you. Thank you God you’ve given me everything I need, I have an ice cold brain, and a red hot heart—I will not live in lust anymore!! Decide that you’re going to live healthy and won’t be stopped, and then tell the devil to go to hell.

For a while I accepted the narrative that we have got to get out of here and get to heaven. What if the point is getting heaven into you? What if “heaven somewhere else” wasn’t what drove Christians, but was just a wonderful by-product?

I don’t want to die in the wilderness disinherited and go to heaven. I want to be a part of bringing heaven to earth by being a Christ person that lives above the fog of life. I’m not going to let the condition of my spirit be controlled by my circumstances or emotions.

If we get healed and get on with our lives, we have the opportunity to be the 42nd generation, a multi generational generation. A generation that brings heaven to earth. A generation that reverses oppression and connects people to the Father’s heart of love. A generation that can’t be stopped because they take ownership for their lives.

In the same way Jesus became the Christ, and Joshua gave his life to the Christophany and led the Israelites into the promised land, I’m going from 41 to 42. I will have Christ formed in me. 

This is G42. 

(Below is a 5 minute summation video of G42 from Andrew. Watch it!)