The table is finished! I definitely did not “have it built in a couple of days,” like I said I would in my previous blog, but it is all done and I am happy with the way it came out (checkout my two previous blogs to read more about the table).


Sometimes you weld in Chacos, and an undersized jumpsuit

To get the top on, we used 2 Americans and 4 Thai guys to lift it… turns out a sheet of 3/8” that’s 6’-0” x 4’-0” is pretty heavy.

Outside of building the table, Anna and I have been busy loving on younger Burmese teenagers. We meet at “Refuge”—the children’s home—where we teach them English and about a God who is a loving Father figure to them.

All of them want to learn, and love physical touch. The kids all left Burma for one reason or another to come to Mae Sot. All of their stories on how and why they left their country are different; some of the boys were destined to become child soldiers had they stayed.

Making friends at the “Brick Village” in Burma

We’ve also busied ourselves by writing postcards to friends and family—just sent out 94, more on the way—and by organizing a trip to Malaysia to renew our visas!

We realized that since we are going to be in Thailand longer than 90 days, that the simple route of getting two 30 day extensions won’t work… So! We are leaving the country for three nights to get a 60 day extension that will take us through our date of departure (we’ve already done one 30 day extension).

In between our personal ventures, we’ve also been doing social media posts to advertise special events and deals at Outpour’s restaurant “Famous Ray’s.” Anna completely cleaned and organized the team housing facility here, and we’ve also taken on the duty of washing dishes on busier nights at the restaurant.

One of our social media posts for Famous Ray’s

There is no shortage of work here, and yet we don’t feel overwhelmed. The culture of Outpour Ministries is relaxed, but also serious. Everyone on staff is laid back and relatable—they all like to have fun and be goofy. But, at the same time, everyone is super focused on reversing oppression and transforming lives. It is an absolute privilege to be here with this group!

Our time is flying by. Already we are halfway through our 3 months in Mae Sot, which means we are now halfway through our duration at G42. We head back to Spain on April 4th for three more months of schooling.

Thanks for your support, and for following our journey!

Kevin and Anna

(Message us if you don’t think you’re on our list and want to receive a postcard!)